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Packaging Done Right

Packaging is a powerful marketing tool.

Smart packaging is the one thing between your client’s hands and your product. Take advantage of our customized packaging options to make your products stand out.

Let us help you select the most eye catching design and create an irresistible package for your goods.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency definition of VOCs is published in the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Look around you...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Every where you look there is some form of printed material in your life that sooner or later has to be recycled or end up in a landfill unfortunately. Our hopes would always be to be recycled. But that isn’t always the case. There are situations where the opportunity to recycle has not been addressed.

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Design Printing, Los Angeles award winning printer.  Our services employ cutting edge technology.  Our products are comprehensive - to meet all your branding, marketing, promotional, communication, packaging, envelopes, and design needs.  Creativity is our specialty, customer service is our motto.